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  • Why can you eat gold leaf?
    Why can you eat gold leaf?
    The history of eating gold foil is the first in China. As far back as the Qin and Han dynasties, there are records of Chinese rich people eating gold foil and gold powder. Modern, Japan, Southeast Asia is also popular to eat gold foil. The 99.99% pure gold is physically vaporized and evenly dispersed into small molecules, which are then restacked to form a food additive gold foil in a precisely controlled epitaph stack. In 1983, the World Health Organization Codex Committee on Food Additives officially listed 9999 natural pure gold in the category of food additives as the A list No. 310. The eighth category of minerals and trace elements in the new food resources released by the Ministry of Health of China has clarified the edible function of gold foil.
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  • Gold Foil cutting process requirements | Kinnogold.com
    Gold Foil cutting process requirements | Kinnogold.com
    Anyone who is a little familiar with gold leaf cutting knows that this is a "fine" job, cutting and blowing with your mouth. The "mouth" blowing from the mouth must be thin, stable and accurate, so that the gold leaf can be moved steadily without damaging the gold leaf. This is a very important skill in the work of cutting gold leaf. It generally requires more than half a year of hard practice. The difficulty of this skill lies in the fact that the gold foil that needs to be cut is very thin, and the thickness of each piece is only about 0.01 microns. Such a thin gold foil will melt in the hand when you hold it by hand, and it cannot withstand the pressure of the tool, so the player needs to cut the foil. The knife moves the gold leaf by "blowing" with the mouth. The angle and strength of the "breath" of the mouth are very strict, and it must be skillfully matched with the bamboo knife in the hand. A little carelessness will damage the gold leaf. In addition, not only the gold leaf to be cut is very thin, but the foil cutting board under the gold leaf is also made of thin leather. Therefore, in the process of cutting the gold leaf, the strength of the bamboo knife needs to be strictly controlled. If the force is not enough, it is difficult to split the thin gold leaf instantaneously, but once the force is slightly greater, the sharp bamboo knife will cut the skin. The gold foil to be cut is of an unconventional shape. After being cut into squares, there will inevitably be leftovers. In order to save expensive gold foil materials, it is necessary to carefully design the slitting and splicing scheme, which requires quite high requirements for the observation and calculation capabilities of the foil cutter's plane geometry . Foil cutting is the last and most important process in gold foil production, and it is directly related to the quality of the finished gold foil.
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  • The Characteristics of 24K Cosmetic Gold Foil | kinnogold.com
    The Characteristics of 24K Cosmetic Gold Foil | kinnogold.com
    24K Cosmetics gold foil, a mysterious product. For many customers who have used this, it is very familiar. Because the price of cosmetics 24K gold foil is expensive, most people have not used this, so it is relatively unfamiliar. In traditional Chinese medicine, gold foil can be added into traditional Chinese medicine decoction, or as a coating of medicine granules. The most famous Angong Niuhuang Pill is coated with gold foil to provide the sleeping effect of traditional Chinese medicine. "Taiping Shenghui prescription", "Qianjin Yaofang" and "Shengji Zonglu" have records of taking gold foil for treatment.  In 1983, WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission also included 9999 natural full gold into the use of additives, which confirmed that gold foil can be taken. In theory, gold foil is particularly stable, and it can be complexed with cyanide, lead and other chemicals to dissolve into gold salt and absorb X-ray, which is considered to have the function of detoxifying and expelling intestinal toxicity. After nano decontamination, the gold foil of cosmetics will carry negative oxygen ions and form blood circulation energy, which can clean the dirt deposited on the skin, promote the basic metabolism of the skin, activate the vitality of cells and skin ductility, and make the skin healthy and crystal clear. When the whitening cosmetics containing gold foil are wiped on the skin with soft massage, the small gold pieces quickly turn into gold micro particles that can not be seen by the naked eye. The gold particles are not easy to penetrate into the skin, but only create an introduction environment on the skin surface. Therefore, although the beauty effect of gold foil in cosmetics is strong, it is far from enough to rely on "gold foil". It is necessary to assist other skin care ingredients to coordinate. Cosmetic gold foil can promote cell regeneration, improve skin blood circulation, and make skin more and more healthy and moist. Also it can restrain the growth of melanocytes, enhance the brightness and smoothness of skin. Last but not the least, it can activate the body cells, smooth the fine lines of the skin, and make the skin tender and elastic. After reading our specific introduction, you must have a general understanding of the 24K cosmetic gold foil. Many advatanges for you when you use it, do you want to have a try?
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