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Is gold and silver foil safe for consumption?
Dec 23, 2022

Foil is a thin sheet made of metal, preferably gold and silver, and usually requires a high degree of purity when used in food products. It is rolled very thinly and is used in many foods.

Is it edible?

Yes, gold and silver foil is edible. In fact, it is approved by the European Union and is highly used in India for coating sweets, dried fruits, etc. India is one of the largest markets for gold and silver foil.

Is it safe?

Well, if the gold and silver foil is used of completely pure or near pure quality, without too many adulterants added, these inert metallic foils are safe and absolutely harmless to the consuming public.


When there are too many adulterants such as nickel, lead, etc. the quality of these foils gets worse and at some point they start to become harmful.

In addition, when making gold and silver foil, the place where it is made needs to be hygienic, as this also affects the quality of the foil.

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