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  • Holiday Notice for National Day
    Holiday Notice for National Day
    Dear customers and our friends, kindly, please notice the below information: Kinnogold  will be closed from 2022.10.01 to 2022.10.07 due to the National day. During the holiday we will be always online to serve our customers and any inquiry. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave us a message via email or whatsapp and we will reply to you within 24 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. E-mail : inquiry@kinnogold.com Whatsapp : +86 18012920261
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  • Holiday Notice for New Year's Day
    Holiday Notice for New Year's Day
    Kindly please note the below information: Kinnogold  will be closed from 2022.01.01 to 2022.01.03 due to the New Year's Day. During the holiday we will be always online to serve customs and any inquiry. Non-emergency events will be put up. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Emergency events please contact: WhatsApp :+0086 13151072861 E-mail : inquiry@kinnogold.com
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  • Company hot news ---- China Gold foil suppliers
    Company hot news ---- China Gold foil suppliers
    Since the establishment of Nanjing YongBo Gold Foil Metal Material Co., Ltd. We have been adhering to the concept of "making foil with heart and cooperating with sincerity" to carry out every project. With high-quality products and excellent corporate culture, our company have been recognized in the industry and won a good reputation. On July 25, 2020, Nanjing YongBo Gold Foil Metal Materials was selected as a member unit of the Brand Power Demonstration Project and successfully filed on the Central News Network in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission.
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  • Do you know Taiwan gold leaf
    Do you know Taiwan gold leaf
    Do you know Taiwan gold leaf Taiwan gold foil (B/k gold), imitation silver foil is the most popular a kind of new high-tech materials, simple operation, high added value, with good flatness, after physical doesn't produce cracks, antioxidant ability, years will not fade, but with real gold than to save costs and increase product added value more than twenty times, is a kind of high cost performance products of science and technology, Better than any previous imitation gold foil, imitation silver foil. Because Taiwan gold foil is actually anti-gold foil, it does not contain real gold, mostly synthetic materials, because it is not fragile, low cost, more stable performance, more durable, and there are a lot of colors, pure color beautiful, quite decorative friends love. The Taiwan gold foil produced by Yongfoil is not only of good quality but also of complete variety. There are not only gold and silver series, color series, plain paste gold and silver series, plain paste color series; There are also clutches, foil wires, foil fragments, flower foil. According to your specific needs, I believe you can find a suitable Taiwan gold foil for your use. Follow us here,You will find out more interesting and professional  information.
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  • The functions of gold foil skin care products | Kinnogold.com
    The functions of gold foil skin care products | Kinnogold.com
    Adding gold foil to skin care products and gently massaging can make the skin absorb nutrients quickly. With gold foil as the link, the absorption speed of follow-up skin care will also be accelerated. When touching the skin, gold foil can also improve blood circulation and accelerate skin metabolism. After the skin collagen and gold foil contact, will form gold enrichment, increase a large number of subcutaneous fiber, fixed epidermis and skin tissue, tighten the skin, eliminate wrinkles, restore youth. Adding gold foil to skin care products is mainly to strengthen the function of nutrition introduction. Because gold has high conductivity and stability, it is not easy to cause human skin rejection. In particular, after nano treatment, gold foil carries negative ions to generate microcirculation energy, thoroughly clean the accumulated dirt on the skin, activate skin metabolism, activate cell vitality and skin elasticity, delay the generation of wrinkles, whiten the skin, resist ultraviolet rays, keep healthy and moist, and greatly improve the efficacy of skin care products. Gold foil in skin care products will naturally interact with positive ions in the human body after contacting the skin, promoting the ion flow in blood and tissues, generating new energy, thus improving blood circulation and accelerating metabolism. Due to its nano sized particles and negative ions, gold foil with high absorption and absorption promotion can be absorbed by skin immediately by massage. At the same time, the conductivity of reactive gold itself is very strong, with the use of cosmetics has a special effect on the skin. Its unique introduction function can promote the metabolism of fibroblasts and epidermal cells, accelerate the penetration of nutrients into dermis, improve microcirculation and activate cell vitality. The cosmetic and skin care effect is 70% higher than that of ordinary cosmetics. This is like a bridge on the surface of the skin, through which the active ingredients can be introduced into the skin, which can significantly improve the absorption and retention of nutrients and moisture.
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  • Is the gold foil edible? What's the function of it?
    Is the gold foil edible? What's the function of it?
    Gold foil is edible and does no harm to human health. Of course, we should pay attention to the right amount and not eat more. It is usually put into wine, cake, coffee, hotpot and so on. A small amount of use could be excreted with the body's metabolism and will not accumulate in the body. Gold foil has a long history, which was recorded in ancient China. The history of edible gold foil firstly began in China. As early as the Dynasty Qin and Han, it has recorded that Chinese rich merchants ate gold foil and gold powder. In modern times, gold foil is also popular in Japan and Southeast Asia. According to the ancient books, gold foil can "tranquilize the mind, strengthen the bone marrow, and enhance the five zang organs' evil Qi", "gold foil can expel evil and poison, reduce fever and trouble, and nourish the heart and blood", and "eating gold foil can tranquilize the mind, raise the appearance and prolong life". Gold foil is added to famous Chinese patent medicines, such as Niuhuang Angong pills, Niuhuang Qingxin pills, Wuji Baifeng pills and Dahuoluo pills. Long term consumption of these products can play a role in nourishing the skin and removing toxins. The micro current produced by gold foil is basically the same as that of human body itself, so it can promote blood circulation, purify blood and have antibacterial effect through the action of negative ions. It is used in medical clinics to treat burns, etc. The functions of gold foil are as follows: Gold foil has the function of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, which can slow down the production of black color and prevent the deposition of color. Gold foil can decompose the remaining chemical toxin in the skin tissue to achieve the effect of detoxification. Capture free radical and enhance skin immunity. Remove the wrinkle, whitening the skin, enhance the skin's anti-oxidation ability, alleviate the nervous system, and regulate and balance the oil production. Promote the systematic activity of negative ions in body tissue and lymph glands, and promote cell regeneration. Gold foil can promote the skin to fully absorb the collagens, nutrition and plant essence, and delay the skin aging. For a long time, due to the rare and precious gold, edible gold foil has only been recognized in a very small range, and most consumers do not know about it. According to modern medical research, gold foil enters the human body to form gold salt, a kind of monounit gold compound, which can effectively separate toxic substances in the body, dredge blood vessels, regulate and improve human immune function, and has obvious curative effect on hypertension and heart disease.
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  • Something about Gold Foil | Kinnogold.com
    Something about Gold Foil | Kinnogold.com
    With the development of the wide application of gold foil,more and more people may be familiar with the word "gold foil". However, there are still many people who have a wait-and-see attitude towards the use of gold foil. Don’t worry. We will popularize the knowledge of gold foil for you. Gold foil is a traditional national product of China, and its production process has a long history. As early as 2500 years ago, metallurgy and alchemy has existed. In Dynasty Tang, Song,Yuan, Ming, Qing, in Jiangning Huayuan Township,male hammered the gold foil, and female brocaded the thread. According to the "records of the Forbidden City", the gold foil used in the Forbidden City and the Royal Dragon Robe was produced in Jiangning. The tomb of the Dynasty Qing which was listed in the world cultural heritage list was also recorded in the inscription of the unearthed tomb: "the gold foil comes from Jiangning", so Jiangning is the hometown of gold foil. In Dynasty Ming and Qing, gold foil became a tribute to the court, decorated the royal garden. It is now widely used in classical garden architecture, modern architecture, sculpture and antique furniture. Now, Nanjing Yongbo Gold Foil Factory is writing the sequel to this section of the brilliant history and creating the even better and more beautiful future through YongBo Brand gold foil. Our company was established in October in 1998, mainly producing gold. It is a series of gold foil and vacuumalminum plating. The variety has gold foil,silve foil,copper foil. Making a piece of gold foil successfully needs total 12 processes. The process of issuing and cutting foil must be done manually. It can't be replaced by machines. Of course, the knowledge about gold foil is much more than this. This time, we only introduce the origin of gold foil. How to use the gold foil, the widely use of the gold foil and the advantages of using gold foils can be introduced next time.
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