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Which is better, gold foil paint or gold foil wallpaper?
Dec 09, 2022

Gold leaf paint is a new type of commodity with high-tech production skills consisting of high quality raw materials such as polymer emulsion, nano metallic light material and nano additives. The prototype of the development of this commodity comes from the widely used gold foil and gold powder for replacing the traditional metal decoration and gold foil decoration with more advantages such as high quality and low price, convenient and fast construction, easy repair and innovation.

Gold foil wallpaper, also known as gold wire wallpaper, gold wallpaper, handmade gold wire wallpaper, handmade gold wire wallpaper, is a special kind of high-class and luxurious handmade wallpaper, which is a kind of architectural decoration material. 99.99% of the metal (gold, silver, copper, platinum, etc.) is pounded into a hundred thousandth of a flake through a dozen special techniques, then decorated by hand on the surface of the original paper, and then processed through various printing and other processes to finally make gold foil wallpaper.

Gold leaf paint and gold leaf wallpaper are both gold leaf products, used for decoration with a golden feel, and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Gold foil wallpaper is richer in style, color and pictures, and is a natural and environmentally friendly product that is non-toxic and harmless; gold foil paint is a kind of lacquer with certain chemical ingredients added, which is not easy to move in immediately after decoration.

Gold leaf paint and gold leaf wallpaper are both options for gold leaf decals. Gold leaf wallpaper is more beautiful and healthier, while gold leaf paint is cheaper and easier to construct. If you are relatively well-off, it is best to use gold leaf wallpaper, otherwise you can use gold leaf paint. The two can also be used in combination.

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